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Strategic Legal & Regulatory Advice for Cannabis Organizations

Areas of Practice



The first step for most cannabis enterprises is to ensure that you can run your operation at a particular location. There are over 500 local governments in California, each with a different approach to regulating cannabis land use. Analyzing zoning classifications, sensitive use restrictions, and commercial real estate markets, we assist clients in finding and securing properties that will work for their particular business plan.

Entity Formation & Business Planning

As state and local regulations continue to change, choosing the right structure for a cannabis organization is critical. We have assisted hundreds of clients in organizing their businesses in way that complies with current law, meets organizational needs, and provides durability as the regulatory environment and business needs change.

Ballot measures & campaigns

On occasion, cannabis policy must be shaped at the ballot box. We have a track record of running successful local initiative and referendum campaigns to produce results for individual clients and coalitions. 

Licensing & Permitting

Every commercial cannabis organization in California needs a local permit to operate. In 2018, the state regulatory authorities will likewise begin issuing licenses for every type of cannabis activity. We have developed an exhaustive knowledge of peculiar local requirements and state law, and assist cultivators, manufacturers, dispensaries, and other cannabis businesses obtain the necessary authorizations to operate.


Governments are still finding their way in the cannabis world. Our team has decades of experience working with all levels of government in developing sensible regulations. We work with local officials at all stages of the public policy process, from basic cannabis education and legislative drafting to advising on balanced application of the law by regulatory agencies. 


The industry's shift to a regulated environment brings with it an increased emphasis on complex contracts and financing that is new to many cannabis entrepreneurs. We advise clients in all stages of the business on operating a regulated commercial enterprise. 

Regulatory Compliance

California's dual licensing system for cannabis operators means there is a lot of bureaucracy to navigate. Each of California's 500+ cities and counties maintains different requirements for security, ownership, hiring, supply chain management, inventory and transaction tracking, odor and noise control, water use, energy use, and dozens of other areas of compliance. Whether operators require compliance audits, plans and SOP's, or general operational advice on a particular business model, our attorneys and policy specialists have made it their business to understand the complex and constantly shifting requirements associated with this industry. We want cannabis entrepreneurs to focus on providing the best quality product to patients and customers.


Cannabis still mystifies some governments. Working on behalf of individual clients and organized coalitions, we have extensive experience fighting local government efforts to shut down legitimate cannabis organizations and protecting access rights.


Running a cannabis business requires more than just legal advice. For over a decade, we have provided strategic advice to cannabis organizations in all aspects of their business, and our assistance continues to go beyond purely legal matters.